Faro Channelside Bar & Restaurant

Faro’s kitchen prepares classic bistro food with a modern twist. The ingredients are fresh and season’s best. That’s why Faro’s menu changes every now and then. Faro Channelside Bar & restaurant is a rustic, European bistro with a relaxed ambiance. Modern bistro food is mainly hand made and our important criterias are fresh ingredients and excellent taste!

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                                                                    Asparagus  10,5                                                           ´                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The best asparagus of the season with rich hollandaise. You can choose a side of cold smoked salmon or Parma ham for 3,9 per serving L, G

Skagen 14

Crayfish on toasted bread, dark balsamico syrup and seaweed M

Salmon bread 13

Cold smoked salmon on rye bread with cream cheese and marinated onions L

Grilled ox 12

Grilled ox fillet with aioli and chili jam M,G



Fried Salmon 29

Atlanticm salmon sauteed in butter,  horseradish cream, cauliflower purèe and roasted fennel L,G

Pepper steak 37

Charcoal-grilled ox steak with green beans, Dijon cream and crispy potatoes L,G

Chicken skewer 24, 5

Charcoal-grilled chicken fillet skewer, pickled cauliflower, bell pepper purèe, sweet potato fries and aioli M, G

Black pasta 26

Black pasta with prawns marinated in saffron and chili and lobster sauce L

Oven baked eggplant 22,5

Oven roasted eggplant with tahini, Haminados eggs, quinoa taboulleh, spicy mango salsa, pita bread and hummus M (VE, G)

Beef burger 19,5

 Beef patty, bun, marinated red onions, tomato, pickles, cheddar cheese, aioli, chips and bacon chipotle dip

Fish ’n’ Chips 23

Traditional fish’ chips with tartar sauce, mushy peas and crispy potatoes L

      Toast Skagen salad 21

Crayfish on toasted bread, fresh salad, fennel, tomato and honey melon

Salmon bread salad 19,5

Cold smoked salmon on rye bread with cream cheese and marinated onions, fresh salad , fennel, tomato and honey melon L

Ox salad 18,5

Grilled ox fillet with chili jam and aioli, tomato, melon, fresh salad and blackcurrant dressing M,G



 Malabi 8

Creamy milk pudding, pomegranate soup coconut and pistacio L, G

Almond cake 10

Tradintional Zuleika cake with almond frosting and white chocolate sauce G

Cranberries with caramel 9

Frozen cranberries with house caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream and roasted almond L,G

Scoop of ice cream with berries 5,5 L, G

L = Lactose free

G = Gluten free

M = Dairy free

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