Faro Channelside Bar & Restaurant

Faro’s kitchen prepares classic bistro food with a modern twist. The ingredients are fresh and season’s best. That’s why Faro’s menu changes every now and then. Faro Channelside Bar & restaurant is a rustic, European bistro with a relaxed ambiance. Modern bistro food is mainly hand made and our important criterias are fresh ingredients and excellent taste!

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Blue mussels 10 / 23

Blue mussels steamed in white wine. Garlic, tomato, fennel and capers. Served with bread and aioli LL,G

Chestnut and parsnip soup 9 / 14

Chestnut and parsnip soup with foamed milk, black olive and crisp bread L,G

Salmon bread 10,5

Cold smoked salmon on rye bread with cream cheese and marinated onions L

Ox tartar 12

Ox tartar, egg yolk, onion, deep fried capers and Dijon cream L,G



Fried Lemon Sole 26

Pan-fried Lemon Sole, beurre blanc, horseradish, seasonal vegetables and potatoes L,G

Ox Skewer 28

Grilled ox skewer with red wine sauce, Pimientos de Padròn peppers and crispy potatoes L,G

Black pasta 21,5

black pasta with prawns marinated in saffron and lobster sauce L

Grilled lamb 27

Charcoal-grilled lamb roast, blackcurrant sauce, parsnip puree and crispy potatoes L,G

Beef burger 19,5

200 gram beef patty, soft brioche bun, marinated red onions, rucola aioli, chips and bacon chipotle dip

Fish ’n’ Chips 21,5

Traditional fish’ chips with tartar sauce, mushy peas and crispy potatoes L

Chévre salad 17,5

Brawned goat cheese, red grapefruit, tomato, quinoa, rosemary honey and fresh salad L

With grilled chicken and bacon 19,5 / with cold smoked salmon 21

Chicken salad 18,5

Fresh salad with grilled chicken, tomato, celery sticks, sous vide pears and gnocchi with pesto LL



Chocolate Cake 9,9

Chocolate mascarpone cheesecake with sour cream and rosemary honey

Crème Brûlée 8,9

Creamy crème brûlée with crispy top L,G

Scoop of ice cream 3,5

LL = Low in lactose

L = Lactose free

G = Gluten free