Faro Channelside Bar & Restaurant

Faro’s kitchen prepares classic bistro food with a modern twist. The ingredients are fresh and season’s best. That’s why Faro’s menu changes every now and then. Faro Channelside Bar & restaurant is a smart casual bistro with a relaxed ambiance. Modern bistro food is mainly hand made and our important criterias are fresh ingredients and excellent taste!

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Blue mussels 12 / 22

Blue mussels steamed in white wine. Garlic, tomato, fennel and capers. Served with bread and aioli LL,G

Skagen 13,5

Crayfish on toasted bread, dark balsamico syrup and seaweed M

Salmon bread

Cold smoked salmon on rye bread with cream cheese and marinated onions L

Ox tartar

Ox tartar, egg yolk, onion, deep fried capers and Dijon cream L,G


Fish of the day 27,5

Fish of the day browned in butter, veloutè sauce, pickled ginger, wasapi cream, fennel and pea purée L,G

Rib Eye Steak 30

Grilled ox with red wine sauce, chorizo, green beans and crispy potatoes L,G

Spinach ravioli 19,5

Ricotta cheese and spinach ravioli, braised sage, crispy zuccini, nectarine foam and tryffel butter L

Roasted chicken 25,5

Herb roasted chicken with dark truffle sauce, spring carrots, pickled romanesco, aioli and sweet potato fries M,G

Beef burger 19,5

200 gram beef patty, soft brioche bun, marinated red onions, rucola aioli, chips and bacon chipotle dip

Fish ’n’ Chips 20

Traditional fish’ chips with tartar sauce, mushy peas and crispy potatoes L

Country style salad 16,5 

Cispy salad, poached egg, balsamic onion, tomato, broad beans, creme fraiche potatoes and croutons

With grilled chicken and bacon 19,5 / with cold smoked salmon 21

Halloumi salad 19,5

Grilled halloumi cheese, cantaloupe melon, fennel, crispy salad and pumpkin cheese G


Chocolate Cake 9,5

Italian mud cake with espresso syrup and vanilla ice cream

Champagne pannacotta 9,5

Vanilla and champagne pannacotta with seasonal berries L,G

French toast 9,5

Crispy bricohe served with strawberry jam and cardamom ice cream L

LL = Low in lactose

L = Lactose free

G = Gluten free